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the biovite project

The Biovite Project

"The Biovite Project" is a major Single Player ZDoom project. It started in february 2004.
The first version with maps 01 and 02 has been released in march 2005. Release of the latest version (Maps 01-05) was in december 2007.
Map 06 will come sometime in 2008 and probably, this will also be the final version.

"The Biovite Project" is a Partial Conversion for ZDoom. The weapons are the same as in Doom2 and I also make use of the original textures and flats.
All the rest has been changed. There are a lot of new textures and flats, and sounds. The music has been replaced by my own, and all monsters are new creations. Except for the Chaingunners and some Imps, you'll find no original Doom monsters in this wad. They're all either modified or completely new from scratch.
With maps 01 and 02, I tried to stick to the original feeling of Doom2 in regards of gameplay and ambience. This has changed with map 03. You'll now find high-resolution textures and some scripting in it, too, to make the whole thing more diversified.
biovite5.wad requires ZDoom 2.1.x or higher.

Difficulty settings are implemented.
Coop play is not supported, mainly because I don't feel the need, since after the end of Doom Connector, there's no smart way to play ZDoom multiplayer games. Instead, I concentrated on perfection of the maps for Single Player.

Your comments, reviews, suggestions, praise or criticism are always welcome.