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wad projects

The Biovite Project (2005/07)

The Biovite Project Single Player | ZDoom
Partial conversion for ZDoom 2.1.x or higher. 5 maps done.
Status: active

DM Jewels (2007)

DM Jewels Deathmatch | Doom2
Compilation of early maps from various authors.
Status: active

Barrels o' Fun (2006)

Barrels o' Fun Deathmatch | ZDaemon
A ZDaemon community project
Status: done

Dawn of the Undead (2006)

Dawn of the Undead Deathmatch | ZDaemon
7 Deathmatch maps for ZDaemon plus 6 player skins
Status: done

The Zodiac Deathmatch (2004/06)

The Zodiac Deathmatch Deathmatch | ZDaemon
24 Deathmatch maps for ZDoom/ Zdaemon.
Status: done

Nutty" (2005)

Nutty" Deathmatch | ZDaemon
A Deathmatch wad for ZDoom/ Zdaemon by Cybershark & Milian.
Status: cancelled

The Nutty Wad (2004/05)

The Nutty Wad Deathmatch | ZDaemon
32 Deathmatch maps for ZDoom/ Zdaemon by Cybershark & Milian.
Status: done

The Zodiac SP (2004)

The Zodiac SP Single Player | ZDoom
First map of the Single Player version of "The Zodiac Deathmatch".
Status: inactive

The Cult (2003/04)

The Cult Single Player | Doom2
8 Single Player maps for Doom2.
Status: cancelled

My first wads (2003)

My first wads Single Player | Doom2
My first 2 Doom maps ever!
Status: done