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the zodiac deathmatch

The Zodiac Deathmatch

The Wad

"The Zodiac Deathmatch" is a megawad of Deathmatch maps.
The first version with 12 maps, one for each zodiac sign, was finished in May 2004. The name of this wad is zodiacdm.wad.

In November 2004 I decided to add another series of 12 maps to it. This Second Edition (zodiac2e.wad) has been finished in February 2006.
An additional wad with all music in arranged versions is available (zod2emus.wad).

The idea of Zodiac

The idea of this wad is to dedicate each map to a sign of the zodiac. The maps 1 to 12 (and 13 to 24) pass through the cycle of one year.
As each zodiac sign is connected to one of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) I tried to make the current element visible in each map. You will find the fire in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the water in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, etc.
When you look onto the automap, you will find that the outline of each map represents the astrological symbol of the zodiac sign.

Apart from these aspects, I tried to make maps that offer a big variety to Deathmatch Doom. Some are big, some are very small, many maps contain deadly traps, some have monsters inside, most bring you right into action (I hate running around in large maps). For today's standards these maps are not very detailed. The emphasis is always on gameplay, not on appearence.
You won't find any camping points in these maps. And BFG spraying is also very rare, if not impossible. The heavy weapons are always hard to get and in most maps you have to take some risks if you want to get them.

Zodiac CTF

If you rather prefer Capture the Flag over Deathmatch, there's happy news for you: Cybershark is currently working on a CTF version of Zodiac. Demos and info can be found in my forum, in the ZDaemon forums or on Cybershark's homepage.

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