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the nutty wad

The Nutty Wad

The Wad

"The Nutty Wad" (nutty.wad) is a megawad of 32 Deathmatch maps.
It's a joint project with Cybershark, a good friend of mine at ZDaemon.

The idea of Nutty

It all began in July 2004 after I played a really stupid map somewhere on ZDaemon.
I imagined a wad full of silly maps and started with the work. Everything you shouldn't do in a deatmatch map is done here, like maps where you're unable to move or fights in super-small rooms... Quite normal Doom features are carried to an extreme here.
When I ran my first nutty maps on ZDaemon, Cybershark sent me some of his maps he wanted to test online, so I added them to this wad. This was the beginning of a cooperation on this project for almost one year.
The quality has been enhanced continuously while new maps, sounds and graphics have been added and people began to enjoy the wad on ZDaemon.
In May 2005, Nutty has seen its final release with a standard I'd never dreamed of when I first started with this waste project...

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