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the cult

The Cult

In September 2003 I started with building my own maps. After I'd finished two Single Player maps, I decided in October to make a megawad with a few maps which follow a consistent storyline. Each map starts where the previous ended.
I kept working on this project, which I gave the title "The Cult", until July 2004. I then gave up on this wad, as "The Biovite Project" became more serious and I decided to concentrate on that one.

"The Cult" contains 8 SP maps, and you can see how my mapping skills improved with time and from map to map. I never made a final version of this, so it remains unfinished with all its misaligned textures (the first maps show some, I think) and other insufficiencies. However, it's completely playable and is not that bad at all, if you consider that these are some of my earliest maps.
All maps are compatible to the original Doom2 (if I remember rightly...).

This wad has also been the basis for my first DM maps which appear in the "Convent.wad"