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the cult - maps & stories

Map 01: The Convent

Rumours are current, that in the near convent some strange things are going on.
You are engaged to find out what's going on behind its walls.
Your trip begins at the entrance of the Convent. You enter and find out, that the former monks are dressed in uniforms and bearing arms. A peaceful religion was replaced by a bizarre Cult. And strange creatures seem to be the new masters of the convent. But who is the God they're praying for?
Fight your way through the convent and get access to the church.

Map 02: The Church

You have entered the church and find some more vestiges of "The Cult". You thought this would all be very easy and find yourself entering deeper and deeper into the mess, now.
After cleaning up the church you find an entrance to the church's catacombs.

Map 03: The Catacombs

You try to find your way through these mazy catacombs. Finally, you find out that you can't leave them through the entrance. Instead, after some searching, you find a door and cross the border to an unknown landscape: a large valley.

Map 04: The Canyon

As there's no way back, you cross the border and stray through the canyon, which is populated by some strange, hostile creatures. After exploring caves and passes, you finally reach a hidden port. A sailing ship is waiting at the docks...

Map 05: The Ship

You enter the ship as a stowaway. While you're fighting your way through the decks, the ship has left its harbour and is now heading to an unknown destination. When you finally have taken control, the ship is lying still on the ocean. You decide to take a dinghy and to row until you reach solid ground.

Map 06: The Island

You're stranding at the shore of a rock island, which is again guarded by monsters and zombies. You find your way through beaches and rocks. At the end, you reach a mysterious path which leads to an unknown destination. What choice do you have but to follow this path...?

Map 07: The Castle

The path ends in front of a castle surrounded by rocks. You decide to enter the building and find it heavily defended by new sorts of bad creatures. After some heavy fights, you're leaving the castle without having found an answer to your questions. Instead you see, that a way into the rocks has been revealed.

Map 08: The Base

You follow the way into the rocks and notice, that you're approaching the solution to the riddle. "The Cult" appeared archaic and uncivilized. Now you find a lot of technical stuff and have to revise your opinion.
At the end of this hop of your trip, you reach a large spaceport and surprisingly have to leave the planet to find the last secret of the Cult.
Note: The spaceport should have been Map 09, which never has been finished :-(
Maybe, some day the story will be continued....