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Map 19

Rating: (Votes: 117)

Author: Cybershark

Music: The Ventures - "Wipeout"

Map status: very nearly finished. Initially similar playwise to Blockbusters but the water adds a whole extra 'depth'. Go for some straightforward duelling in the wide open outer area or take the fight underwater, down into the cramped passages of the lake for better guns. If you can make it to the map's centre you can get the BFG and start some power-fragging... Just don't forget to wear your swimsuit!
This map was inspired by Map 20 of the SURGE2 wad - still a favourite of mine.


2005-02-10, Oddity wrote:

Amusing, even though it seems to drag on. The radiation suits and acidic water are a nice idea

Oddity's rating:

2005-03-22, danhen wrote:

nice map to running around.... but when played with bots, got 25 frags together - it it wicked sick, i mean....:)